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New York, NY


Raw. Organic. Cold-Pressed. Juice. NYC. 



Apples contain high levels of vitamin C and phytonutrients. Many nutrients are in the skin, hence the reason we do not peel our apples. Apples are known to:

  • promote heart health by lowering cholesterol levels
  • provide phytonutrients which regulate blood sugar
  • boost the immune system


Coconut water contains high levels of potassium and natural sodium. Coconut water is known to:

  • boost hydration and moisturize the body from within
  • replace and replenish lost electrolytes


Lemons are high in vitamin C and phyto-chemicals. Although acidic tasting, lemons actually have an alkalizing and hydrating effect in the body. Lemons are known to:

  • balance acidity in the body by restoring the body to its normal pH level (alkaline)
  • detoxify the liver
  • have antioxidant properties, strengthening the immune system
  • possess antibacterial properties


Pineapples contain high concentrations of vitamin C and manganese. Pineapples are known to:

  • defend against free radicals (antioxidant properties)
  • aid in eye health 
  • boost the immune system